It is Monday, it is not raining, and the day has been full of clear blue skies.  I have worked productively all day.  It has been a good day.  All of this is secondary though to one thing… first day of London Marathon training build up is done.

I am running to raise awareness and funds for MapAction and Dogs Trust.  You can read more about them on their website and in my brief post here.  Please help support these amazing charities – please raise awareness, tweet, like and share, and if you feel able, please donate here.

There are only 20 weeks until the marathon itself, and although this may seem a way off, it isn’t really once you break it done into training sections.  I am not overly worried about the timescale, but I do wish I had maintained a better base over the last few months!  This week I am setting out carefully and holding myself back a little… a marathon is not a sprint… and neither should the training be.

I am spending this week:

  • trying out my new trainers for the first time (who doesn’t like new ones!),
  • reviewing my diet (not that it is too bad, but lockdown has allowed a few too many negative habits to form),
  • sorting my training plan (scheduling this in my calendar as a mental and physical prompt, and use this to hold myself to account).

I do have to keep telling, and regularly reminding, myself that I need to enjoy the training above all else.  I think we can get too carried away on stats and metrics, and comparing ourselves to others.  We run for a reason, what ever this may be for you, but above all we need to enjoy our sport.

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