It is only a few weeLondon Marathon Logoks until the 2021 London Marathon.

Recently my training has ‘stumbled’, and this week I need to pull up my socks!  A busy workload, weather, and lack of motivation haven’t helped…. We all go through periods of uncertainty, self doubt and ‘lack of time’.  My view is we need to recognise this and not beat ourselves up… accept it, roll with it and then get back into training.  This applies to a wide area of life, not just sport, and not just running.

From my ultra running experience it ultimately comes down to placing one foot in front of the other, and focusing the mind, which may actually mean zoning out.  You need to believe the body can do it, and the mind needs to follow that logic.  One of the reasons I run long distance is the chance to ‘zone out’ and to take my mind off the day to day tasks.

I am running on behalf of MapAction, and some of the reasons why I have described in a previous post, particularly about the largely unreported support they give in times of emergency.  When a humanitarian disaster occurs the emergency responders are first on scene, and MapAction are one of the key resources.

Please do support my run for MapAction.  Please add your thoughts, RT, forward to friends and colleagues who are runners and those that aren’t.  Look to support MapAction in ways that suit you, and if you feel able please support me here: