As I begin to wind up my training towards reinvigorating my passion for long runs, for example next years Threshold series 52 mile Race to the Tower Ultra Marathon (I am running in support of Dogs Trust), I reconsidered a question I was posed years ago – to compete or to complete?

Clearly the sponsored professional runners aim to compete the race, as higher rankings are very important to them, this is where the sponsorship pays of course. Other runners just hope to get around the course and complete. Where do you fit in the spectrum of runners?

For me, it is all about completing. I aim to finish as fast as I can, but not at the expense of admiring a wonderful view, chatting to fellow runners, or enjoying the pit stops (and thanking the volunteers that support us!).

For me the, the hours of training over many months (rain or shine) are key to ensuring an enjoyable race day ‘bimble’. If you are fit and prepared the day can feel effortless (well, ok, survivable!).

See you on the trails!