This week I did something I haven’t done before – a run from a London Tube Station.

A quick internet search shows that on Twitter it is ‘a thing’ using e.g. #TubeRun. I may try more of these, mainly for variation when running in London… is this the new ‘bagging Munro’s’?

This week I ran from Gloucester Road tube station and around Hyde Park. A great run taking in one of our Capitals major parks – a quietish oasis in the hustle and bustle of London Town. I ran 10km from the tube and around the outside loop of the Park. I could easily have done 20km, but the wet and dark was a disincentive (weak I know). If I had ran in the morning… picture sun rise with orange light bouncing off buildings and tree foliage… I could have easily run for a couple hours, criss-crossing the park making benefit of the multiple paths. Hyde Park really is one of the key elements of the London National Park City initiative.

Some of the highlights on my run included the Serpatine Lake, Kensington Palace, Marble Arch, the Albert Memorial, the Royal Albert Hall and the Royal Geographical Society (RGS). You don’t get those running in the hills! Pros and Cons 🙂

What other options are there for running in London? How many folk run the Thames Path? Or do you use the Ordnance Survey app to highlight recorded walking/running routes and run these?

Let’s all #GetOutdoors – what better way to see London than on a run!


Sepentine Lake (left), the Royal Albert Hall (right), and the Albert Memorial (below).