One of the joys of trail running is the connection with nature we can achieve.  One cannot argue that running through the landscape is energising, relaxing, enjoyable and allows us to focus on appreciating the views around us, taking our mind off the stress and pressure of life.  We cannot achieve this unless we support nature.  This is one reason why many long distance run races and Ultra marathons, as well as outdoor adventure enthusiasts, are supporting reducing use of plastic.

I recently completed the GB Ultras Chester 52 mile Ultra Marathon.  For this I bought some Hydrapack Speedcups to use at check points.  By using the cups, I was able to reduce my impact compared to if I used a one-use throw away plastic cup 6 times (one cup per check point, multiplied by 250 runners).

The Hydrapack Speedcup’s allow me to reuse them multiple times. They are great for Ultra running checkpoints, and I hope we see increased uptake of reusable cups at marathons and long distance races and outdoor adventure.  We have no need to use one use plastic bottles or cups, the environment is too important.  For us to keep enjoying the landscape and nature we have to care for it.

The Hydrapack Speedcups are super flexible and can be squashed into a pocket, and can be cleaned in a dishwasher… there is no excuse not to use a reusable cup.