As part of my #GetOutdoors and #MicroAdventure ambitions I slept outside in my hammock.  This also helped me escape some of the heat of the house in the heatwave.  OK, so I didn’t travel far, just in my garden, but what a nice way to spend the night – quiet evening, stars, warm but not too hot.

I did learn two things though which will come in handy to adjust for next time:

  • without some form of protection between sleeping bag and hammock you tend to feel a bit cold around 3/4 a.m. – this is due to the bottom of sleeping bag being compressed and the heat escaping to the cool morning air.
  • a thermarest in the hammock certainly helps heat loss, but becomes a bit uncomfortable and hard to sleep.  I might try deflating the thermarest a bit.  So as opposed to fully blown up as you would on the ground (to avoid lumps etc) I may just pump it up a little so it still flex’s with the hammocks shape whilst providing some air insulation.

Have you tried sleeping in a hammock?  What are your experiences and top tips?