Well, after weeks of training, my first 52 mile ultra marathon is in 4 days… yes 4 days! Gulp!

The Chester Ultra Marathon is brought to us by the great people at GB Ultras @ChesterUltra. You will not find a more supportive, dedicated and friendly team and ultra community.

I am running to help raise funds for Mind, running 117 miles over 2 ultras and a half marathon. You can read why I am supporting Mind here, and sponsor me here – thank you in advance!

I did my penultimate short run tonight, aiming to keep my legs turning over during the last week of taper.

Whilst running tonight I think I thought about it all a bit too much, and my inner dialogue went something like:

• It’s great to be out running after weeks of cold, coughs and aches
• This is lovely, a short run at a decent pace, and doesn’t seem too difficult
• Certainly easier than a snow/ice covered trail
• Well, it will be all the training paying off, it’s my final week of taper of course
• Wait, this is a short flat road run, not a hilly trail run… it’s bound to seem easier
• It certainly ‘seems’ easier….
• Have I trained enough?
• Yes, it will be fine, I am set
• But I have had weeks of sub optimal training because of being ill, colds, coughs, tired…
• I haven’t done enough, I won’t make it… why am I doing this??!!
• Well I have done long runs, regular runs, different tempo runs, some hills (could have done more hills)
• Wait, is that a twinge in my calf?
• Yep, oh no, that’s it, I am injured days before the race!
• Nope, I’m fine, it’s gone
• Don’t trip over now, I can’t get injured just days out from the race
• I should stop now just in case I hurt myself
• No wait, I’m fine
• What am I thinking (well maybe talking out loud… nobody heard me though)
• I’ve got this!
• 52 miles… pah!
• It’s just 2 marathons, a nice ‘jaunt’ in the country
• I’ve got this
• So 52 mile ultra marathon… who’s your Daddy?
• I am
• I am
• I AM!!
• I’ve got this (I hope)!

I am looking forward to the run, but daunted at the same time. Will be great to be among like minded Ultra runners… I hope you are, or based on the above am I going mad… do we all think/talk to ourselves?