When you go running, what water bottle do you use?  Do you use a different one for on road or off road/trail running?

I have tried a number of water bottles and hydration packs over the years.  I don’t do very well with hand held water bottles, whilst convenient, I prefer my hands to be free.  I have used hip/bum bag types an these are ok, with the water bottle relatively easily accessible behind.  I have also started to use a trail vest recently, and this is now my go to pack – see this post for more details.

What has always bothered me the most about water bottles is the noise they make once it is no longer full.  I have recently found a simple solution (which many people likely already know!) – a soft water bottle, such as from Salomon.  As you drink the water, they compress, and so there is no noise or ‘sloshing’ of water – finally!