You may have noticed that Microsoft released another update for their Band last night.  I have the Microsoft Band 2 (much better that first iteration) and the new updates have added weight monitoring and GPS battery optimisation (by reducing the sampling rate), along with other minor updates.

This is great, as it demonstrates Microsofts commitment to the Band.  It also benefits me directly as I can now choose to use GPS for running in two modes – ‘normal’ with continuous monitoring, or with battery support to reduce the sampling rate and so achieve longer battery times.  This now allows me to tailor based on my type of run – e.g.  short with lots of twists and turns, or long and thus have battery power available.

This is all good, but what I really want are two bands, and one of them to be ruggedised.  I aim to wear my Band at all times (for monitoring purposes) and with my single band I risk having it damaged (and broken) e.g. when doing outdoor stuff, or scuffed etc and so not ‘nice’ for wearing at work (with shirt, suit etc).

Now, if I have two bands, one for daily wear, and one ruggedised for exercise/outdoor activities (running, hiking, kayaking, etc), that I can seamlessly switch one to the other so as to update the Microsoft Health App without interruption/duplication/wiping data.  I would then be a very happy bunny.

Microsoft appear to be turning a corner, and the Band is one example.  Does anyone know if Microsoft plan a ruggedised smartwatch/Band or if partners can access the Microsoft Platform to build devices?

Right, I am off for a run!