Well, the Microsoft Band is due for release in the UK in a weeks time (15th April 2015).  It has been available in the US for a few months and seems to be getting positive reviews, what are your thoughts, have you got one or tried one yet?  Will you be getting one?  I am in two minds, I would love to have one, and think it would aid some productivity during my working day, as well as supporting my fitness efforts.

From a fitness perspective, I think the range of sensors, feedback and apps that are available (and I am sure more will come) will help my efforts to get fit.  If nothing else, the motivation of trying beat yesterdays or last weeks run should help; and I am a big fan of looking at previous stats and seeing how I can improve, so the number of sensors should keep me entertained for a while, especially when combined with the Microsoft Health app.

From a work point of view I want the ability to see my calendar appointments, emails, calls, texts, ideally a map/directions so that I can navigate through town to my meeting without having to hold my phone.  Essentially, I want quick notifications, the ability to do quick replies (I would wait for more involved replies via phone or laptop), and take memos via e.g. Cortana.

All of my devices are Microsoft enabled, so laptop, tablet and phone, so I would like to maintain this and have one ecosystem to work with, especially as everything syncs up, and I am used to all the workflows etc and they suit my needs.  Hopefully Windows 10 will progress this and make it even more useful.Microsoft-Band_Hero_1

It does begin to get me wondering though, what do I actually really want… a fitness device, a smart watch, both, or a hybrid?  They serve different purposes, whilst I want a rugged sports/fitness device this would not suit being worn at work, with e.g. a suit.  I also want a smart watch that I can wear at work, but this will likely not be rugged or waterproof for sports etc… so does this mean I need two devices, a smart/fitness band and a smart watch?  Or is the Band a suitable hybrid.

I would probably be happy with two devices (apart from having to purchase two!), as long as the overlap in some features was present (e.g. Cortana for recording notes on the fly, and it all syncs to the same single source).  I suspect we are some way off from an-all-in-one device to meet different needs.  What are your views?