MRVs in Woodland Nations 2011
22nd-24th June 2011, Malawi
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2011 is the UN International Year of Forests.  To join in the global prioritisation of trees the Forestry Research Institute of Malawi (FRIM) will host a conference and workshop specifically dealing with the challenge of woodland nations in monitoring, reporting and verifying (MRV) the state of the trees.

The conference will take place between 22-24 June in Bunda College, Lilongwe.

The conference will includes oral and posters on:

  • REDD and other carbon credit schemes
  • Remote Sensing
  • Community mapping and participatory GIS
  • Field/Inventory estimates
  • Modelling estimates
  • GIS and data management for MRVs
  • Ecosystem services

 The accompanying skills workshop will take place between 20-22 June, also in Bunda College, Lilongwe.  This will be run by staff from the University of Malawi’s Bunda College and the University of Mzuzu.