Good project management – What is it and is it transferable?
Association for Project Management (APM) Scottish Conference 2011
16th March 2011, Edinburgh, UK.
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With the launch of the APM Registered Project Professional standard the conference will look at just how transferable project management knowledge and techniques are across industry sectors. It will also look at whether there is a need for project managers to be technical experts as well as good managers to work in a specific industry sector. The APM stands for professionalism and transferability of that professional standard, however in practice it is noted that many people involved in project management often come from technical rather than management backgrounds. They may be engineers, IT analysts, software developers, surveyors etc. first, before they are project managers.

Project managers need to understand how to develop in order to progress in the “career area” of project management if indeed such a “generic” career exists outside of particular technical specialities.

The conference will be split into 2 parts, opening with three keynote speakers setting the scene and outlining from their experience what “good” project management means, what elements are transferrable across industry sectors and what are not. Key will also be to relate that to what it means to you the audience, for example what professional development should you focus on to advance your career, or what should companies recruiting project managers be focusing on in their selection processes.