16th-17th May 2011, London, for more info see: http://eukac.esriuk.com/index.asp

With increasingly scarce resources and greater expectations from citizens and customers alike, organisations need to do things differently to gain a strategic advantage.

The Esri UK Annual Conference 2011, entitled New approaches for our changing world, will explore how your organisation can gain strategic advantage from taking a geographic approach to inform its business-critical decisions, leading to new insights, greater collaboration and efficiency improvements.

The conference will demonstrate how geographic information system (GIS) technology is being used as a strategic and operational tool to inform decisions around areas such as supply chain optimisation, customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning in order to make organisations more efficient and effective.

Existing customers will hear from their peers and industry experts about proven ways to maximise the value from their existing GIS investment whilst those new to GIS will gain an appreciation of how adopting a geographic approach to industry and organisational challenges can lead to better informed decisions. Thinking geographically can deliver a genuine advantage, empowering people and organisations to help build a more sustainable future.

The ESRI (UK) Annual Conference 2011 is a two day conference which will explore GIS technology as the key business enabler for better informed decision making and how this provides real world solutions to real world problems