Conference and exhibition takes place on 25th January 2011, for further details see

Defence Geospatial Intelligence (DGI) is Europe’s largest and most international annual gathering de dicated to the high-level discussion of the importance and the major challenges of the use of geospatial intelligence in both defence and national security operations.

DGI brings together heads of Geospatial Intelligence, Remote Sensing, GIS Mapping, Satellite Imagery and Analysis within the Military, Governmental and National Security sectors. It attracts professionals who are responsible for using, and integrating, geo based capabilities in their operations and organisations. DGI provides a unique forum for defence intelligence to discuss and debate the development of geospatial intelligence capabilities across the globe in defence and security sectors – With over 600 attendees year on year, DGI has becomes Europe’s key forum for geospatial strategy.

Addressing the use of geospatial information in scenarios such as international conflicts, defence operations, C4ISR, humanitarian disasters, crime, national security, border control, arms treaty monitoring and global climate change; a fundamental objective of DGI is to help organisations understand how to build the necessary infrastructure and architecture to take advantage of geospatial intelligence capabilities.

As GIS technology expands into all areas of the defence operations, so will DGI 2011. This year the event will include the following conference tracks in the agenda, focusing on:

  • Strategies for developing and implementing GIS use in your organisation
  • Case studies of GIS use in-theatre and in operations (defence and national security focus)
  • GIS use in command and control – Strategies for C4ISR case studies of effective GIS integration.
  • Effective integration of GIS tools and solutions into your existing IT infrastructure
  • Human terrain analysis and its role in geospatial intelligence capabilities
  • New technological solutions, ideas and strategies designed to promote and enable the use of geo capabilities across different parts of defence
  • More networking time than ever before