Wow, that has been a busy 4 weeks! Alongside working I have been undertaking an online course in Advanced Strategic Project Management being offered by Villanova University in the USA. I am now half way through the 8 week course, and I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying myself – even though it has meant working in the evenings and weekends. Take a look at my previous blog post here.

I believe Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is essential to maintaining and progressing professional recognition as a project manager, and this is also recognised in the Association for Project Management (APM) Registered Project Professional (RPP) standard – there is a need to demonstrate significant CPD.

However, I believe that CPD is more than just about learning new skills, techniques and ideas – it is about applying these theoretical concepts in real scenarios, in our everyday project management roles. CPD is more than learning, it is doing!

I have documented my experience to date of the course on the Arras People blog – click to read more about Directed Learning from home – the half way story.